How BITSA Can Help

Is your dog getting the wrong exercise?

  • Learn how the BITSA test unearthed behavioural details and helped Mike's owner create more suitable exercise regimens for him.  click here

  • Is your dog suffering without you even knowing it?

  • Meet Dusty and learn how a BITSA test showed his owners who he really was and how they could help him. click here

  • Did you know your dog may be allergic to treatments?

  • Learn how the BITSA test helped Snowy's owners how to deal with an adverse reaction so she could carry on as a happier, healthier puppy.  click here

  • What breeds can BITSA identify?

    Click here to find out

    Apologies - This product has been withdrawn and no longer available for testing as of February 2018.

     Are you concerned about  restricted dog breeds?

    For more information regarding the genetic identification of restricted dog breeds (including Pit Bulls) in Australia, click here.

    A daughter with brown eyes to a parent with blue eyes? How does this happen?

    In humans, we know that our children may not have the same eye colour as their parents, the same is true for dogs. While a dog may carry a gene within them they may not always express it. To find out more information click here.

     Everyone's raving about BITSA!

    "DNA Gone To The Dogs" - Urban DNA talks breed identification. Click here
    "Who's your doggy daddy" - 2 cats1dog Autumn 2010. Click here
    60 Minutes talk about BITSA in New Zealand. Click here

    Our Charity Partners

    20% of each BITSA test sold through our charity partners is donated to support their hospital and shelters.